Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11 Months Old

Ally turned 11 Months old on Monday. Still not walking without holding onto something, but walking all over the place holding onto walls, furniture, my legs...She is quite the scaredy cat when it comes to letting go. She has taken a few small steps from the coffee table to the couch, but only because she has something to hurry and grab onto instantly. It's so funny to see her panic if she can't reach something as fast as she thought she could.
Samantha does an excellent job being a big sister. No one can make Ally laugh as hard as Samantha can! :)

I love my two cute girls so much!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, just got back from the movie.....

Let me just start by saying, I HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK. And after seeing the movie.....I HAVE NO DESIRE TO READ THE BOOK!!!

I'm sorry, but Bella is a whiny, boring character VOID of any real personality. And I was not really that impressed with the actor who played "Edward" either. Most the girls I was with (it was an all girls outing with my sister and Samantha etc) liked the movie, but i was just "eh".

The guy I couldn't take my eyes off of, however, was the character who played Edward's "father". And that mega hottie is actor PETER FACINELLI

Oh yes. He is SOOOOOOOOOO hot!!!! The whole movie I was thinking, "oh just let that whiny girl die and give that hot Dr. more screen time! mmm mmm mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

Samantha swears up and down the book is better and that I should read the book because the movie left out a lot of details... yeah yeah yeah...whatever. BORING. I did notice that the author of the books, Stephanie Meyer was in a real quick short scene that most the audience I was with completely missed.

So all you Twilight fans...I am curious to know if you like this movie or not.....let me know.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Samantha's growing beauty

Samantha has changed so much over this past year and has gotten even more beautiful. I hadn't noticed how much until this last visit to our photographers. I brought Samantha with for Ally's 9 month old pictures session and had a couple of pictures done of Samantha as well...and I was taken aback at how pretty she has become with her new blonde hair.

This first picture was taken back in January.....Samantha has gone from this:

To this:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ally's Halloween pictures

Late update on Halloween...

Halloween and the week proceeding it was very fun. I went to 2 Halloween parties. One was at the top of the Wells Fargo's building on the 23rd floor and it was AWESOME! I was a "dark Angel" and my date was the Joker. And can I just say, he was THE BEST JOKER there!! I didn't know what he was going to be so our costumes didn't really match each other but it sure was fun! This was on the Saturday BEFORE Halloween....

It is always fun going to parties to see what creative costumes are out there!! I love Halloween!!

Then, on actual Halloween, Samantha didn't really want to dress up, but wanted to have spray painted hair, so this is what she looked like:

So what might you be wondering was the FINAL choice for ALLY'S costume??? Well, I really had it narrowed down to the clown and the bunny (which I got her pictures done in both) but because the bunny costume is warmer for the chilly weather, she was a bunny!!
Ally wouldn't wear the head piece, so I just put a cute bow in her hair!
So while Samantha went and hung out with her teeny bopper friends, Ally and I went to Gardner Village to see the Witches. We got there kinda late in the game but got some good pictures in anyway!

Then later that night I went to my 2nd Halloween party with the Joker once again. THIS time, I decided to change my mask and outfit to be sort of a cat woman ;)
My brother Mike, and my sister's long time boyfriend Andy decided to be the the guys from Dumb and Dumber. It was HYSTERICAL!!
Mike's girlfriend Chelsey was also part of the movie as Mary (the girl both guys are pining for). She was carrying around the briefcase that Jim Carrey's character finds to bring back to Mary. It had fake money hanging out of it that had "I.O.U.'s" written on them (like in the movie) and was also carrying around the dead bird named "Petey" that they sold to the blind kid. LOL!! SO HYSTERICAL!!