Sunday, August 24, 2008

8 MONTHS! XIN CHAO! (Hello in Vietnamese)

Ally is 8 months today!
She is in a cute little Vietnamese outfit my sister brought back from Vietnam while she was there on a Humanatarian Dental Hygiene trip for school. I've been waiting to post about it til after she sends me some pictures from her trip and tell you some fun things about Vietnam but she has been soooo busy she hasn't had time! But I will post eventually!

Now that she is crawling everywhere, she is also getting into a lot of things. So she has also learned what the word "NO" means, and it REALLY hurts her feelings when she hears it. Ally also gets her feelings hurt and cries if you say her name in a grossed out or annoyed way (like this morning, we were playing and she puked on me and my bed and I said, "oh ALLY! EWWW!" Her little bottom lip curled under and she started to cry.) I didn't even say it mad or anything, just a little grossed out and I had a scowl on my face which also makes her cry if I ever scowl (like at a stinky diaper or trying to wipe a snotty nose). Now I have to pretend I like to do all those gross parts of being a parent because it hurts her feelings if I dont! She is pretty tender hearted but still so so sweet!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Samantha is OFFICIALLY A TEENAGER!!!!! Yep, she turned 13!! She got Guitar Hero 3 for her birthday from her Grandma and Uncle Mike! Here she is holding her "guitar".
She got a 507 note streak on EXPERT!! Yep, she is pretty good! If only she was as good on a REAL guitar!

For her birthday, I took her to a spa to get her hair done, cut and colored and eyebrows done. This is the "before" picture in the waiting area (taken with my cell phone).
This is her "after" picture. The highlights are hard to see (much to my dismay, I wasn't there for the whole process, I took Ally for a walk around the mall) but I LOVE the cut and LOVE the eyebrows!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I got jipped out of a sour face

So today me and Samantha went to Applebee's for lunch. While there Ally was grabbing at everything so we decided to give her a lemon to teach her a lesson. We thought when she finally put it in her mouth we would get a good laugh, anxiously awaiting the sour face...but nope! She LOVED the lemon kept it in her mouth licking it and gnawing on it for a good 15 mintues! Even though we didn't get to see a sour face, we had a good laugh at how much she just chomped and drooled all over herself working on that lemon! Samantha took a picture with her camera phone.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ally's hair in the morning...

So the other morning when I got Ally up for the day, her hair was its normal crazy made me laugh so I decided to take pictures of it in the tub....then I dumped water all over her to wash it...Ally is not the biggest fan of water in her face. LOL