Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ally's 1st Birthday (part 1) aka: "Its my party and I'll cry if I want to"

I've been slacking on this here are some updates:

Ally sat on Santa's lap (picture coming soon, just have to scan it in..etc)
Ally is walking and has been for 3 WEEKS!! (video coming soon also)
Ally turned 1 year old yesterday!! (video of that too coming soon!)

Ally had her birthday party on Saturday and was NOT very fond of the whole birthday cake experience, but liked her presents...

Everyone special in her life came and saw her for her party including a special visit from her dad who came before the party on Saturday, and also on her actual birthday yesterday.
She had a good Christmas this morning too! (haven't uploaded the pictures from the camera once again..coming soon!)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas........

But I thought I would post her ultra funny sad birthday face.


Anonymous said...

Hi April, it is Davd from Paris, i lost ur msn adress that's why i did not give u more news about me. How are u ? I am coming to the US on september.

Chill said...

Lol, that cake picture cracks me up! She looks like she is lethargic from a sugar OD! So cute!!!